Our College Badge

After the Second World War, the Brothers and their staff wished to adopt a uniform and a badge or coat-of-arms for their students.

Some wanted a green blazer and grey trousers, but the majority preferred a dark blue blazer. As for the tie, Bro. Dominic’s (director ’49-’55) choice of a tie with a red background and narrow blue stripes obtained wide approval and was adopted.

When the time came to design the badge, suggestions were plentiful. The first was Bro. Victor’s who suggested the inclusion of a STAR and a COTTON BRANCH separated diagonally by two fields one RED and the other BLUE, these being the colours of our college. But we also wanted to include some symbol of our profession as teachers, so AN OPEN BOOK was added. In this way, after more discussions on the subject, all agreed that the badge should be as it is today.

To be on the safe side, however, we sent the proposed badge to the U.K. To seek the views of persons well versed in the rules of heraldry and, having received from them a favourable reply, we went ahead with our project.

Why did we agree on this type of badge?

Principally, because we wanted a badge that would be truly representative of what this lasallian college stands for. That is why we chose:

  • A STAR which symbolizes the FAITH (Religion) and is present in the coat-of-arms of the Institute.
  • An OPEN BOOK which symbolizes learning.
  • A COTTON BRANCH which forms part of the coat-of-arms of Grand Master Cotoner with whom the Cottonera area fortified by him and, on which the college is situated, is closely connected.

As for the MOTTO, after we had been through long lists of possible ones, that submitted by Bro. Dominic: SCIENTIA VALIDA FIDE = TEACHING BUILT ON FAITH , found favour, for it coincided with our Ideals as Brothers of the Christian Schools. The first time our College Badge was seen in public, its originality and design drew much admiration. Let us hope it will continue to embellish the uniforms of the hundreds of students who are attending and will attend De La Salle College in the years to come.

Bro. Henry (1919-1981)