Our History
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96, Strada Buongiorno - The premises that house De La Salle College from 1903-1938
The balcony of the premises at Strada Buongiorno
A widow of the premises at Strada Buongiorno
The yard of the premises at Strada buongiorno
Brother Benoit Constant - first Director of De La Salle College
Brother Arbon Francios - Brother Director of De La Salle College 1907
Group photo of the staff (1907-08) - Brothers standing: Bro. Simplide Augustin, Brothers Sitting: Bro Theotime, Bro Director Arbon Francios, Bro Jean Francios
The chapel of the premises at Strada Buongiorno on the feast of Saint John Baptist De La Salle

Sir Charles Mansfield, Governor of Malta, in 1903 authorised Bro. Arbon Francois to open a Lasallian school in Malta. The premises, which housed De La Salle at Cospicua in 1903, was 96, Strada Buongiorno.


The first day of school was November 3, 1903. The Brother Director and founder of De la Salle College was Bro. Benoit Constant.

The first decade of the college existence was very unstable as the school population fluctuated from month to month. Under the new Director, Arbon Francois (1907-1912) extracurricular activities became an integral feature of the College.


The College undertook a new role - a social dimension. "The College becomes for the first time a living part of Maltese Society."

The extracurricular activities included the annual celebration of the Patron Saint, the yearly First Holy Communion, choir singing, prize-giving ceremonies, social evenings and the annual fair or bazaar.