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Contour Map indicating location of De La Salle College
One of the classrooms
The College Hall
The Chapel Corridor
Brother Adolphe Marie,
Assistant General
The ravages of war - scenes of devastation
The ravages of war - scenes of devastation
The College Shelter
Sketch of the bombs that fall around De La Salle College during the Second World War
The Oratory B'Kara-DE LA SALLE COLLEGE-August 21st 1940-April5th 1944

3 January 1939 370 students assembled at the 'grande salle' of the new De la Salle College at Cottonera."The students met in the spacious hall where they were told to take good care of the new Premises and to behave as well bred children for their own sake and that of the College." (Chronicler's report)


Scholastic Year 1939-1940 Brother Adolphe Marie, Assistant General In June 1939 Brother Assistant Adolphe Marie paid his first visit to Malta. He was welcomed in the College Hall by Brothers and students. To mark the occasion Brother Assistant granted a day's holiday. He was very appreciative of the Brothers' work and greatly satisfied. During this scholastic year, the Community numbered nine Brothers, seven of whom were responsible for seven of the twelve classes. They were helped by five lay masters and later on in the year, they had the services of a full-time chaplain.


1940-1945 (The War Years) The raid of Saturday 6th July 1940 caused damage to the Brothers' property and against their very wishes, they decide to ask the Stella Maris Community at Gzira for accommodation. The following day they left De La Salle College and were welcomed by their confreres at Gzira.


Concern for the education of their students and financial matters (the Brothers' only income was the boys' fees) were the two primary issues at stake. A petition was made to the Director of Education for permission to start teaching. The Brothers decided to contact the Missionary of St Paul for the possible use old the Oratory at Birkirkara as a temporary school.


5 April 1944 Time to leave the Oratory for good after 43 months. De La Salle was back in business at Tal-Hawli.